I can't see a video?

If you can't see a video, these tips will help you.

The browser is to blame!

Because live streaming is actually always played in the browser, experience shows that the program is the biggest source of errors. A fixed procedure has therefore proven itself: Narrow down the source of the error In a few steps you can narrow down the source of the error:

Isolate source of error

You can narrow down the error well in a few steps:

If you've watched a live stream with us before, the first step is not an issue for you. If you have an older desktop PC, you can check if your browser is supported using the following link: Which browsers are supported by the player?

Always use a browser with the latest version to avoid problems with live streaming!

Most common error

If you don't see a live stream, in most cases the browser cache is to blame. We therefore recommend that the first measure is always to clear the browser cache.

You can find instructions for the most popular browsers on the manufacturer's pages or here: How to clean Browsercache on Duck Duck Go.

  • Google Chrome (Desktop)

  • Google Chrome (Mobile)

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Apple Safari

  • Opera

Cookies, passwords and the browser history do not necessarily have to be cleaned. The temporary files are sufficient - here is the corresponding help:

Other known sources of error

  • Firewall (updates, domain, port and protocol restrictions, etc.) Please inform your IT, or disable local firewall proxy server for a short test (mostly in companies)

  • Unknown website Please access the live stream via the camera driver's website or directly via www.livespotting.tv to test the function.

  • Browser Plug-In Check the settings of possibly installed privacy plug-ins like privacy badger or ad blocker and enable the domain livespotting via an exception rule. You can find instructions in the help.

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